Hello world!

“Without culture, and the relative freedom it implies, even when perfect, is but a jungle.”

~ Albert Camus

It’s a jungle out there, when you are uprooted from your home country and are planted into a foreign land.  Yes, even when that land happens to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world:  Paris.

From a small group of five people who found comfort in a milieu which shared a common culture, “Asian Connections” was born.  Meeting periodically for pot-luck lunches, or discovery lunches at Asian and non-Asian restaurants, the group slowly gained popularity where ladies could “let down their hair” and share stories of their  Asian lives.  Past and present.

Today, this group is taking baby-steps to expand its presence in Paris by forming a non-profit association in the very near future.  Many dreams will be realized to give this new association new life and breath!  Dubbing ourselves with a new name, “Asian Women’s Association of Paris,” is only the beginning.

Stay tuned as we slowly build this website as our intimate connection… to you!