Spring News…despite the chilly temperatures!

The arrival of Spring ushers in some changes in AWAP!

Two of our lovely and super-efficient original AWAP board members will be stepping down from their positions. Eva Wong-Nava, Membership Chair Extraordinaire, is leaving Paris this Summer to return back to her native Singapore with her family. And Carmela Borgers, our IT and Communications Guru, is taking a step back from running our website and communications to focus on other personal and professional pursuits.

A million thanks to Eva and Carmela for being part of the team that helped to program and expand the breadth of activities for our small but close-knit group of Asian compatriots!! We will miss you but we will never forget you!

Thankfully we have three new enthusiastic recruits to help us keep our group alive : Rachel Lim-Pinoncely has volunteered to take over Membership and IT/Communications from Eva and Carmela. Saritha Renard and Sharon Oh have raised their hands to join Claire Lo on the Events team. So, a big welcome to our new team! You’ll be able to learn more about them on our “Meet the board” section.