To Philippines with Love

Dear friends and members

In light of the recent devastation to the Philippines, one of our members Victoria Aquino and the lovely ladies from Paris for the Philippines have come together to organize a fundraising brunch. Brunch for Love will be held on 30 November at the Loup Brasserie on rue du Louvre. A participation of 50 euros will include a delicious brunch prepared by renowned Filipino chef, Aaron Isip. Cocktails and merchandise will also on sale on-site.

More significantly all funds collected will be contributed towards the relief efforts for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda organised by Gawad Kalinga. For more information, go to

To participate/contribute, please contact or +33 (6) 98 91 11 38 before 26 November. More details can also be found on their FB page

Nous comptons sur vous!



The (Chinese) circus is in town!

After the legend of Mulan, Cirque Phénix invites you to experience the legend of the Jade Emperor. A legend that gave us the origin of the Chinese zodiac.

It is said the Tiger, Pheonix and Dragon demanded an audience with the Jade Emperor to complain of the cruelty of men, and the abuse they inflicted on the animal kingdom. To preserve peace in his kingdom, the Emperor decreed that the first twelve animal species who present themselves to him will be chosen as celestial symbols, immune from the abuse of men. The animals used their various talents to push themselves ahead of their peers. The rat, being the smallest, snuck in to see the Emperor before anyone else and was chosen as the first of the twelve. The remaining eleven used their strength, agility, flexibility or intelligence to gain an advantage.

Discover the origin of your Chinese zodiac and that of your loved ones through this 2-hour performance by the 50-member troupe from the circus of Beijing complete with fabulous backdrops, impressive acrobats and spectacular costumes.

 Performances from 23 November 2013 – 12 January 2014 at Paris 12ème.

Ticket details can be found on the website.

Jade copy