We Love Paris in the Springtime!

Spring is in the air, and what better way to welcome in the season and enjoy the weather than a shopping trip to freshen up our wardrobes? On an extraordinarily sunny Thursday, April 10, a lucky group of AWAP members and friends enjoyed a 4-star shopping experience organised through Value Retail, which began with chauffeured transportation from Trocadero to La Vallée Village.  The ladies arrived in good spirits and were given a warm VIP welcome with fresh juice, coffee, croissants and fresh fruit.

The ladies all received CIP (”Chic Important Person”) badges and a book of coupons that entitled them to special shopping discounts, and were then free to browse the 100+ shops which include high-end designers such as Céline, Salvatore Ferragamo, Valentino, Burberry and Versace.

For a break from shopping, our ladies were treated to champagne and a catered lunch in a newly renovated, luxurious private lounge before being chauffeured back to Trocadero.  Judging by the number of shopping bags everyone left with, it looks like the day was a great success!

A huge thank you goes out to the lovely Carra Sutherland-Olagnon for helping us to organise this very special event.  If you missed out on this trip, don’t worry — this event was so popular, we’ll definitely team up with Carra to offer similar events in the future!

ImageHearty spread to welcome the ladies.

Image Gorgeous Spring weather – great for shopping, perfect for photos!

Image Indulgent champagne lunch – thanks Carra!


Image Looks like a fruitful shopping day!


*P/S: Thanks, Mananya for sending us your photos. 



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