Asian Restaurants


6 rue Gén Estienne, 75015
01 40 59 80 45
M* Charles Michel
Recommended by:  Cindy Zang
Venue of our first official luncheon in March 2010.  Must-try’s: Spicy Chicken Casserole, Spicy Tofu Soup, Sliced Pork Belly.

8, boulevard Delessert, 75116
01 45 20 72 82
M* Passy
Open daily except Sundays.


14 rue Chabanais, 75002
01 42 60 50 95
Small and simple restaurant that serves sumptuous meals. Try their rice-topping meals for a real hearty meal!  

Restaurant Matchan
55 rue du Theatre, 75015
Cuisine Japonaise Yakiniku.  
The best Japanese barbecue in town!

9, rue du Mont-Thabor, 75001
01 42 60 65 07
Hours:  12:00NN-2:30PM / 7:00PM – 10:00PM, Closed on Sundays
M* Tuilleries
Recommended by:  Carmela Borgers
A bit pricey, but you are assured of an absolutely authentic, quality meal.  Great service, reservations highly recommended.

Comme de Poissons
24 rue de la Tour, 75016
01 45 20 70 37
Authentic Japanese food in a restaurant setting where you are served in a counter with only 10 seats, facing the Chef who whips up your sushis and what-nots before your eyes. Extremely good food in a very simple setting. Always full — so reservations are a must! 

Restaurant Kura
56 rue de Boulanvilliers, 75016
01 45 20 18 32
M* La Muette
Closed on Mondays
Cozy little restaurant that serves fresh Japanese food on bowls of rice. Plat du jour available.  

1 bis, rue Jean Mermoz, 75008
01 45 62 15 68
Simple small rest with teppanyaki tables and matching aprons! Quite delectable Japanese food, when you are tired of sushis and sashimis and are craving for hot Japanese food. Try their Teppanyaki version of Foie Gras! 


Shang Palace
at the Shangri-La Hotel Paris, Level F3
10 avenue d’Iena
01 53 67 19 92
Lunch: 12h00 – 14h00 / Dinner: 19h00 – 22h30
Thursday to Monday, closed on Tuesday and Wednesday
The only star-michelin Chinese restaurant in France, awarded with one-star in March 2012.  Ongoing: All-you-can-eat dim sum for a minimum of 6 people, private room, at EU65+ per person (excluding drinks).

The fine dining restaurant offers authentic Chinese cuisine originally inspired by South East China’s culinary traditions. A main dining room and three private dining rooms are also available for larger groups.  Serves dim sum for lunch, aside from the regular a la carte menu. Reservations required.

5 rue de Belleville, 75019
01 42 41 44 16
Open daily
M* Belleville
Excellent value for money in this simple restaurant that serves dim sum, roasted duck, roast pig, and a bunch of other typical Chinese dishes! Great food for what you pay. Ask for their dessert with 3 colors (their version of Cendol) — and you will be hooked forever.

Opera Mandarin
23, boulevard Capucines, 75002
01 47 42 49 56
Venue of our Chinese New Year Dinner in January 2012. Very good Chinese food, centrally located!  Try their steamed dumplings, salt and pepper shrimps, and their Pekinese duck. Average meal would cost about EU25.

97 rue de Charonne, 75011
01 43 72 19 08
M* Charonne
This restaurant was recommended by member Jacquie Hu as a great place to eat Chinese Hot Pot. Clean, affordable (under EU20 for all-you-can-eat) and everyone gets their own pot to cook in! Must try!

5, rue de Belleville, 75019
01 42 41 44 16
M* Belleville
Open daily
Serves roasted pork, roasted duck, dimsum, noddles in hot soup, and everything else you can imagine! Good food at great prices!  Try their 3-coloured “cendol” drink. Truly authentic! 


Chiang Rai Mai
11 rue Desnouettes, 75015
01 45 30 69 11
M* Convention or Porte de Versailles

Great food. Venue of the AWAP Luncheon in October 2012. Must try their Dimsum Tom Yang Soup!

Mme. Shawn
28, rue Duret, 75016
01 45 00 45 20
Gets pretty packed for lunch… so go early!  Pleasant place for lunch.


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