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Thursday, June 6th

Is there anything more French than a freshly-baked baguette?  Beyond this cliché, the boulangerie is the place, where 3 simple ingredients, flour, yeast and salt, are miraculously transformed into this delicious staple of any French meal.  Discover the techniques and secrets of this traditional craft and how factors such as temperature, humidity, and even elevation can affect the final outcome.

Join us for a tour of a traditional boulangerie where we will watch demonstrations of the art of bread-making in a working ‘laboratoire’ amongst professional boulangers.

This tour includes a tasting of delicious baked treats including breads & viennoiseries.

PRICE OF €15/person
RSVP by June 3rd via Evite only please.


Thursday, June 18th
12:00pm – 2:30pm

We thought of one last get-together before we all go our separate ways for the summer vacation… so we are organizing another favorite:  Potluck Lunch!

We will also be wishing our dear friend Eva Wong-Nava a fond farewell before she goes back to her home country of Singapore!

RSVP through Evite only please. 


November Events:  A Wine-Tasting Lunch, A Tea Conference + Ochazuke Luncheon, and a Claude Monet Museum Tour.

What more can you ask for?

1.  Introduction to Wine Tasting Lunch
Thursday, 15 Nov 2012

Meeting Time:  12a00
Fee:  EU25
RSVP:  due 12 Nov 201

AWAP, in partnership with French wine expert Hélène Goble, is proud to present its first ever wine-tasting series. Each month, at the home of AWAP member Marjorie Renner, Hélène will introduce you to various red and white wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy and other wine regions of France, that will surely enhance your knowledge and palate of French wines.  There will be something for both wine amateurs and seasoned pros — and this is also a great opportunity to stock up on surprisingly good-priced wines! Hélène comes from a wine-producing family in Bordeaux and organizes monthly wine tasting events and annual wine tours of the Bordeaux area. She is a graduate of the Wine and Spirit Education Trust in London.

To whet your taste buds, here is a sneak preview of what’s in store for the year:

NOV – Introduction to Wine Tasting Lunch
DEC – Champagne Tasting Dinner
JAN – Wine and Cheese Lunch
FEB – Bordeaux versus Burgundy Wines
MAR – Red Wines Only
APR – Wines under EU5 and/or under EU10
MAY – White Wines Only
JUN – Grads Crus Dinner

Join us for our first wine-tasting session!  EVITES will be sent out shortly for more info and details.

Tuesday, 20 Nov / 12h00 – 14h30
Tea Conference Only:  EU20
Tea Conference AND Lunch:  EU33

Tea lovers unite!  Carol Négiar, a tea entrepreneur & enthusiast born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, invites members of the AWAP to her tea establishment, Chajin (24 rue Pasquier, 8eme) for a Conference/Tea Tasting.

Carol is a Board Member of the French Federation of Tea Importers. She has given conferences at the International Tea Expo, Festival du Thé, Les Chemins du Thé, Salon du Chocolat & Thé in L’orient, Ecole des Mines, Sciences Po, Université du Thé & to tea scientists at the Ocha Festival in Japan. Chajin has been named “Best Tea Establishment” in Le Guide du Thé à Paris, chosen by, and received 4 Stars/4 in the tea salon guidebook, “A l’heure du Thé.”  Chajin was chosen in numerous other guides about Japan or tea.

Tea Conference Outline:

1. Tea Colors:  Black, Green, White, Red…
2.  The characteristics of teas cultivated in Japan (comparison with other countries)
3.  Recognizing a top-grade tea
4.  The basics of how to steep tea
5.  Tea Science:  What Molecules in Tea are good for your health?
6.  Protection of Tea (Labels)

More details on the different teas you will taste at the conference, as well as details on the lunch menu are indicated in the Evite sent to you.

For more on Chajin, visit their website.

3.  THE MARMOTTAN – Claude Monet Museum Tour
Thursday, 29 Nov / 09h25. Tour lasts until noon.
Fee:  EU20, including Entrance Fee. Sign up only by sending a check. For details, ask Mona Van Opstal at
Deadline for Checks:  15 NOV, but the earlier, the better to secure your place!

PARISTOURS.  Explore Paris through tours guided by highly knowledgable experts and discover more than the usual. At the same time, meet other AWAP ladies. Be not someone who says that they did not see or learn enough about Paris!

This lovely museum was a private house belonging to the Marmottan family who left it with an art collection to the French Institute. The original bequest includes a fine collection of furniture and paintings from the Napoleonic period, Renaissance tapestries and paintings, and a priceless collection of medieval illuminated manuscripts. When Monet’s son Michel died, he left the family estate of Giverny and his father’s personal collection of paintings to the Institute. These paintings are housed here at Marmottan. These precious works include some of Monet’s early caricatures done as a teenager, portraits of him, self portraits, gifts from his friend Renoir, and marvelous sutdies of water lilies done just before he died. There are also works by fellow impressionists and the most famous work in the collection is Monet’s beautiful view of Le Havre, entitled “Impression Sunrise,” which gives its name to Impressionism.

The guided tour will show you the very fine permanent collection and after the tour, there is the opportunity to visit the temporary exhibition of Henri Rouart.


4. Availability of Tickets for the CARMEN Opera (for all AWAP Members
Christmas Day, 25 Dec 12
19h30 (Opera is 3h10 with one intermission)
Venue:  Opera Bastille

Through one of our members, Victoria Chi, all those interested in grabbing tickets for
the opera can contact her, on or before 12 Oct 2012.  For any questions, please e-mail Victoria at Tickets for Category 4 at EU100 each are available.

To book your tickets, please use this booking form.  When you receive a confirmation from Victoria, you will be asked for the payment in full immediately. You will also be asked to kindly add EU2 per booking to cover admin costs for issuing out the tickets to you.


Georges Bizet had brought to the stage of the Opéra-Comique a deadly passion, violently revealed and crushed by the Spanish sun. The work has retained Propser Mérimée’s logically moving passion, concise lines, and implacable precision.

“Love is a gypsy child, a wild bird that knows no low. If you don’t love me, I love you; and if I love you, watch out!” Don José abandons his childhood sweetheart Micaela and deserts his military duties to follow the magic charm of Carmen. But when he realizes that he loses Carmen’s love to the glamorous toreador Escamillo, he stabs Carmen in a jealous rage at the very moment Escamillo slaughters the bull inside the bullring.

Philippe Jordan conducts Bizet’s masterpiece for its long-awaited return to Opéra de Paris.



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