Tour Talk: AWAP Ladies Discover Saint-Germain des Prés

Photo courtesy of Marian Iwata

On the first week of May, six (6) AWAP Ladies joined the debut tour of the Left Bank’s Saint-Germain des Prés, organized by AWAP’s Tour Expert — Mona Van Opstal.  This area is a favorite, not only among tourists, but even among the French themselves — because of the history within the district:  From the magnificent church of St. Sulpice and its mysterious gnomon (remember the Da Vinci Code?) and Delacroix murals to the charming streets and gardens, to sculptures by Picasso, old squares, artistist’ studios, literary cafés, Paris’ Fine Arts school … and all the way up to the very hotel where Oscar Wilde breathed his last breath.

The tour was led by a knowledgeable and witty guide from the renowned Paris Walks.  Even if the ladies were already familiar with the area, there were still tons to learn in terms of interesting facts and amazing stories.  Somehow, the presence of a professional guide provided so much color and relevance to a corner of Paris we thought we already knew!  And certainly, discovering Paris amongst fellow friends (Asians, at that!), made the experience even more valuable!

Watch out for more tours in the future to allow Paris’ amazing history to come to life!